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The steps to finding an international university are very similar to those for other students, but with a few key differences outlined below. If you haven't read over the steps to college yet, start there!


Remember: just like American universities, international universities want you to attend! They have entire staffs devoted to answering your questions, so do not hesitate to ask!

Many universities overseas have an international page to help students in your situation specifically. For example, here is the International Students page for the University of South Wales.

Anglia Ruskin also walks international students through the process of applying, including getting a visa.

There are also organizations, like DAAD in Germany, to help you through the process. Always keep your parents in the loop as you research your options, but be especially careful of organizations charging you to help with the process.

Paying for it

The US Department of Federal Student Aid has an excellent guide to paying for an international degree.

In particular, check out their list of international schools that participate in the US federal student loan programs.