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A few post-high school opportunities based on GPA.

Your Grade Point Average, or GPA, is used by universities and scholarship providers to determine your academic success in high school, on a scale from 0.00–4.00. You will use this number on all applications, and it is included on your transcript.

How to figure your GPA

Because the GPA is an average of your grades, you must first convert the letter grade into a number value. An "A" in a class is worth 4 points, a "B" is worth 3, a "C" is worth 2, a "D" is worth 1, and an "F" (because the class was not passed) is worth 0. All classes (including those failed) taken during high school are included in the grade point average. Here is a short example:

Class Letter grade 4.0 scale
Composition 9 B 3
US History A 4
Computers I B 3
Yoga A 4
Algebra 1 C 2

Now that we have the number value, we find the average by adding them up (3+4+3+4+2=16) and dividing by the number of grades (16/5=3.2). So, the GPA of the above student is 3.2.

Remember that all of the classes you take as a high school student are included in your GPA, so you probably have more than just five classes.

GPA Calculator

Of course, any calculator is a GPA calculator if you know what each grade is worth, but figuring 60 classes by the time you're a senior will take a while. To save you some time, I built a calculator in Google Sheets: click on the file here, then follow the instructions on the sheet.

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