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MacKenzie Lance
Department Mathematics
House Liberal Arts
Joined 2022-8-1
Education Bachelor of Arts in Art History, UC Berkeley Master of Public Administration – Policy and Statistics Emphasis, University of Oklahoma
Why I teach I teach because I believe strong public education is the key to creating a compassionate society.
About me I grew up in 6 states and 7 school districts, but the classroom has always felt like home. I earned my BA from Berkeley, studying the intersection of modern art and computer science- which is a concept I love exploring in the geometry classroom! Before coming to TSAS, I taught math and graphic design in other TPS high schools, and worked in the STEM space for tribal governments and local nonprofits. Outside of school, I love to crochet, weave, play trivia, and go on road trips with my husband and our dog.

Academic Bowl

This course will support the development of TSAS's Division Champion Academic Bowl team by providing students with structured study and practice time. Students in this course will build their academic knowledge and sportsmanship by competing in mock matches. Students may be invited to compete in matches against other Tulsa area schools.

Instructor approval is required.

AP Statistics

AP Statistics introduces students to the major tools for collecting, analyzing, and drawing conclusions from data. Students explore concepts including variation and distribution; patterns and uncertainty; and data-based predictions, decisions, and conclusions. This course will include high level analysis alongside projects that explore real world application. Students should successfully complete Algebra 2 before entering AP Stat.

  • Senior course — juniors only with teacher permission


Students in this course will be learning geometric concepts including: area, perimeter, volume, triangle congruence, triangle similarity, trigonometric ratios, and proofs.

Career & College House
Fine Arts
Liberal Arts


In Sewing, students will learn the basics of mending, quilting, and garment construction. Using hand and machine techniques, students will engage in the creative cycle from pattern creation to final project production. Projects will range from altering thrifted clothes to creating bespoke garments with specialty fabrics.

Instructor approval is required.

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