Capstone:Finding a Hobby: Earrings Edition

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After quitting gymnastics at 13, I've struggled to find an interest that I actually enjoy or find fulfilling!! It's a lot harder than people make it out to be. So, I've decided to run through some different art forms and see what suits me.
For capstone, I decided to try some jewelry making. I took some classes at the Bead Merchant, and then quickly realized I'm most interested in earrings (which may be obvious if you know me). I bought some cheap butterflies and took them apart to make my first pair of earrings, and then experimented with adding beads into that, and then later on realized I was quickly running out funds. How could I make more earrings out of different interesting objects without spending $15 per pair? Then I remembered Shrinky Dinks! The paper plastic that you can shrink in the oven into a hardened little object! I found some Shrinky Dink paper you could print on instead of draw, and these earrings were born.

Morgan Wilson 2020
House Liberal Arts
Advisor Jeffery Donaldson
Plans TCC
Advice It's 100% okay to change your mind. And not know what you're going to do at first. I was super nervous about it and had no idea what to do. Just try some things out!
Type Presentation
Subject Jewelry design
Discipline Visual Arts

How It Began

I started with a pretty vague proposal if I recall. I said "wire-wrapping/embroidery/jewelry" project, and before that I thought about photography, but came up with my idea quite late comparatively.

How It Changed

At first my project revolved around wire-wrapping and jewelry in general, and then I realized I enjoy making earrings more. As I continued making earrings and trying to do it with only beading, I realized I enjoyed making earrings out of fun objects and creatures more than only using beading. Another adjustment made was when my place of work closed down due to COVID, and this meant I would have less funds than originally for materials. But it ended up teaching me to be very thoughtful about what I use and creative thinking/problem solving!


I, weirdly enough, learned something about confidence, which I just wasn't expecting considering this is a project about creating jewelry. I felt pride in something I had created and I got excited to show people it. It's been a minute! I absolutely loved learning a new skill and using my hands.