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It's a short bio of the top three candidates for the greatest NBA player of all time and why they are considered to be so. I began and started the project by stating that I don't believe anyone is the GOAT, but remind the audience that everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Daniel Hall 2021
House Liberal Arts
Advisor Stephen Place
Plans Military
Advice Choosing something that you love is a great idea for a project but its best to keep yourself from getting too eager and diving in head-first getting lost along the way like I had done.
Type Presentation
Subject Basketball Player
Discipline Health and Wellness

How It Began

I'd do my best to figure out who the Greatest basketball player of all time is.

How It Changed

I changed my perspective on the project entirely, coming to realize that the matter of who the GOAT may be is completely subjective and therefore that no player is the greatest.


I changed from my position of believing that one particular player was the GOAT, to believing that none of them are and that any conversations on the matter are a waste of time.