Capstone:How Volunteering Changed My Life for the Better

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My project is a Google Slides show about my experience Volunteering. I talk about the things I did and how they had an impact in my life. It shows how I started off and where I ended things off. I talk about how it changed my career options and made me realize what I wanted to do after high school. I explain what volunteering is and the importance of volunteering.

Anahi Quintero 2020
House Career & College
Advisor Stephen Place
Plans Early childhood development, NICU Nurse, TCC
Advice My advice to the future seniors is to take this as an opportunity show off and if you are passionate about something, to promote it and make it your own. It may seem like a lot, but if you work hard it will be worth it. Hang in there, because later you will miss your senior year.
Type Presentation
Subject Volunteering
Discipline History and Social Studies

How It Began

My capstone Proposal was going to be a documentary style project and my experience volunteering at the children's museum discovery lab.

How It Changed

I was hoping to get more pictures and videos of me with the children and how it was making an impact on me. But I sadly could only get pictures and some other volunteering things that I did in my community engagement class. But the main point was about my experience on volunteering at the Children's Discovery Lab.


I learned what I wanted to do in college and that is to work with kids. I appreciate the opportunity I had to volunteer at the Children's Museum Discovery Lab and will always be grateful for the opportunity. I hope to come back and volunteer again