Capstone:How to Change the World for the Better

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My project is supposed to show ways to better the world. The introduction video is supposed to inform the viewers on what I want to dedicate my life to, what my original project would’ve been, and how adjustments changed my project. The slideshow will be touching on Environmental science about Climate Change, and solutions to avoiding harming the earth more than it is and help. The other video is me speaking about government and how I feel like it can be better. My project is presenting ways the world can be better through what I show and explain.

Jaqueline Gonzalez 2020
House Liberal Arts
Advisor Kate Hughes
Plans TCC

There is endless ways to express oneself through visual, audio, and language arts.

In order to find ideas for your project, you must find the subjects your plan of jobs touches on, and in order to find the future jobs is to find your passions, and in order to find your passions, you must look within yourself with a desire to explore through to find your passions. You must look within yourself with a desire to explore through memorable experiences and questions, such as ‘what makes me overall happy? what change interests me? what keeps me thriving in life? how do I want my future to be?
Type Video
Subject World
Discipline Health and Wellness

How It Began

How to make a world a better place, through environmental science and engineering, government, spiritually, and art.

How It Changed

I wish change wouldn’t have had to be done because my original plan was supposed to require lots of paper, a binder of data, information, explanations, journals of art and spirituality, which can’t be done online through many photos. So instead of a binder full of information I made a slideshow on the top five causes for Climate Crisis, and ways to help and prevent more harm. The other ideas had to be canceled. I might turn in a painting in replacement of my journal.


I learned more on why things are such ways with the earth. I learned more environmental factors and simply science. We need to all as one pick up after the mess we’ve made on earth before it’s too late and it’s health fails and us along with it.