Capstone: Me, Covid, and my Journal

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This is a portfolio showcase of how I felt throughout our quarantine times. Foshee had convinced me to pick up a visual journal. I was struggling a lot with my own turmoil and life outside of high-school. This gave me a break. It was an outlet I deeply needed. I almost feel like I shouldn't share these. They're very personal to me.

Deanna Mendez 2021
House Fine Arts
Advisor Cheyenne Butcher
Plans EMT, Paramedic, Tulsa Tech
Advice Do something you know you can do. I thought I could make mine work, and now here I am.
Type Presentation
Subject Journal
Discipline Visual Arts

How It Began

I started with a lecture about how cool bees were.

How It Changed

Nothing went as planned. As I couldn't drive myself or have say on what times I could do things, my initial project was impossible. And I'm very upset to say that. I completely changed my project to a portfolio, all I really could even offer.


I really hated this. It caused me a lot of stress due to outside things not in my control. I had fun yes, but I had to drastically downgrade what I initially had a plan for. And that is what grieved me the most.