Capstone: Murals Around Us

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I wanted to show people some of the works of underrated artists around Tulsa. I went around Tulsa, finding my personal favorites and took pictures of them. I then gave a little information (what I could find) about the particular artist associated with the certain mural.

Hailie Simmers 2021
House Career & College
Advisor Korie Johnson
Plans Software Engineering, UCO
Advice I would definitely tell them to actually do the CAPSTONE footnotes every week to help them develop a final project. I would NOT recommend you to procrastinate and leave all of the work for the end of school year.
Type Presentation
Subject Murals
Discipline Visual Arts

How It Began

I started out with taking pictures of Tulsa murals, and then posting them on this big bulletin board, creating a "crime board".

How It Changed

With our friend, Corona, I had to throw the bulletin board idea out and then turn everything into a slideshow. I think it turned out cool, but I did really want to do a crime board.


I learned the background of the artists and also learned some new places where to find these artworks.