Capstone:My Tarot Journey

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This project is about how I explored tarot over the course of this pandemic year. The exploration of tarot offered the opportunity to examine my expectations of myself, offer insight to my thought processes and emotions and share my knowledge with others. I learned that tarot is just a tool through which we are afforded the means of self actualization.

Madeline Hinds 2021
House Liberal Arts
Advisor Jeffery Donaldson
Advice Breath deep, be passionate, be patient, be kind. And do not procrastinate.
Type Presentation
Subject Tarot Cards
Discipline Performing Arts

How It Began

I explained that the project would explain the history of tarot.

How It Changed

The more I learned about tarot, the more obvious it was to me that the history of it should not be the focus. The application and growth potential was much more interesting to me.


This project allowed me resiliency during some of the traumas encountered over the last year. I learned to be more introspective and mindful. The process of tarot became a practice for me.