Capstone: On the Path to Becoming a Chef

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My project is about me discussing about culinary school because I want to become a chef so in my project, I'm showing a process of how to become one and what do you have to do.

Mallory Mack 2021
House Fine Arts
Advisor Clay Roesle
Plans OSU, Technology
Advice You're a senior now. It's time to take more responsibility and start learning things on your own. It's your time to shine.
Type Presentation
Subject Culinary School
Discipline Performing Arts

How It Began

I started with music at first but baking was my passion.

How It Changed

Things did go as planned. I was gonna do a poster board but I decided to do a presentation by using google slides.


I learned that culinary is not easy and that there is a process of becoming a chef and it's going to take 1 to 2 years to get where you need to be and that you have to work your way up in the work field so I'm willing to work for hours.