Capstone: One Year Skate Progression

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A video showing my skateboarding progression throughout the past year. I learned basic video editing and formatting as well as audio engineering. The clips are organized by trick and are ordered chronologically.

Gavin Langham 2021
House Fine Arts
Advisor Cheyenne Butcher
Plans Art, TCC, Work
Advice Have an outline for your project written down before you start working on anything to stay organized and make sure you have the physical and mental capabilities to complete the project you envisioned.
Type Video
Discipline Health and Wellness

How It Began

I was originally planning to have more interviews of skaters and their opinions on various aspects of skate culture to go along with the clips I had filmed.

How It Changed

I ended up solely focusing on my own personal progression in skateboarding instead of doing interviews. This choice was made because I underestimated the time it would take to learn various tricks and progress my ability, which was the original goal of my capstone. I also learned a lot about video formatting and realized that my old laptop could not physically handle to type of rendering I was trying to do. There were also issues with me getting a better computer so that halted my progression on video editing.


Before I started investing more time into skating I didn't realize how mentally challenging it is as well as physically. Up to this point I have not done anything more taxing on my body. I found myself less anxious after skating and it definitely improved my patience when doing other tasks. My pain tolerance and general insurance is insane compared to when I first started skating. I used to only be able to skate for an hour or so at a time. Now I feel like I have to force myself to take a break because I get so fixated on landing a trick. I also learned more about computer specs and how they apply to various digital media; things like audio formatting converting files, file organization, etc.