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Over the last four years, I have spent countless hours in ballet studios. Every year, I've taken classes 4-6 days a week, sometimes up to 18 hours a week for months at a time. This year, I've been given the opportunity to learn and perform two solos, one classical and one contemporary. "Queen of Dryads" is a self-guided presentation that gives a glimpse into my work in classical ballet this year. I describe the process of learning a classical dance, explain some technique, give fun facts about ballet, and show videos of my experience preparing to compete in the Youth American Grand Prix. Dancing is very special to me, and I'm proud to present my hard work to everyone at TSAS. Visit my presentation here

Harper Ann Will 2021
House Liberal Arts
Advisor Kate Hughes
Plans Agnes Scott College
Advice Choose a skill of yours that you're proud of. It feels good to show something that you feel good about, even if it is a bit dorky.
Type Video
Subject Ballet Performance
Discipline Performing Arts

How It Began

I had originally planned to redesign certain ballets to make them more inclusive, but realized that it's not my place to do that because I don't know enough about the subject, and it's very difficult to learn about. This project involved painting costumes and teaching about different cultures.

How It Changed

I completely changed my Capstone project. I decided to show my work in ballet this year in preparation for a major competition. This project shows the results of years of ballet training, and was a wonderful opportunity to show my teachers and classmates why I've been so busy all throughout high school. My Capstone presentation is a wonderful glimpse inside of my life, and will hopefully teach viewers a few things about ballet.


I learned about the importance of consistency, about how to pursue my hobbies for enjoyment (not letting them stress me out, and working hard to please myself, not anyone else), and got to experience performing by myself. I grew in so many ways, and my confidence and ballet technique have improved so much. The YAGP Regional Competition was a wonderful way to end my senior year.