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My project is basically a short podcast where I talk about things I like about videogame stories in particular. I talk about theories, my favorite things about them, basically my opinions. I'm honestly not trying to make any points or statements, just talking about the things that make me happy, and that I look forward to doing when the work day is done.

Jacob Pester 2021
House Liberal Arts
Advisor Stephen Place
Plans OSU, Zoology
Advice Hopefully society will have kicked back on by the time they have to worry about this project, so my advice is to make it about something that interests you, and hopefully it will give you a head start on whatever it is you want to pursue after graduation.
Type Performance
Discipline Language Arts

How It Began

Initially, I was just going to make it me discussing lore in the League of Legends universe. My goal was this: to make a fun and interesting pastime, and maybe spark interest in the minds of others!

How It Changed

It was originally just going to be me and discussing the lore of League of Legends, but then I decided to only do my very favorite story from there and expand to other franchises as well, and maybe anyone listening would be tempted to dabble in some of the things that make me happy.


Well, personally, when it comes to videogames I feel that a good story and characters that you can get attached to and relate to means more than any mechanic the game may contain. I love being able to lose myself in a fictional world where anything is possible with patience and skill. Sometimes reality sucks, and we as people need a way to escape reality. Some people go to parties, some vacation, others hole up and read a book or play a game. A good story, whether it be one to tell, or one to experience, can help us feel a bit better when we return to reality.