Capstone:Volunteering at Zarrow Elementary School

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I began helping at Zarrow starting at the beginning of February and worked there until the end of March, just under 2 months. I volunteered at Zarrow elementary to help with the transition from online only learning to a hybrid model of distance learning and in person learning.

Sam Ramirez 2021
House Liberal Arts
Advisor Kate Hughes
Plans Education, History, University of South Dakota
Advice Do your capstone on something you're genuinely interested in and want to continue doing for the rest of your life. Something career related would be ideal but if you're not sure what you want to do for a job then go with something you're passionate about.
Type Presentation
Subject Internship at Zarrow Elementary School
Discipline History and Social Studies

How It Began

I proposed that I would volunteer as an assistant teacher at Zarrow elementary for two months at the start of the new year and make a presentation about my experience doing that, and that's what I did.

How It Changed

Things mostly went as planned with some slight adjustments, for the first two weeks I worked with Mrs. Tschida in 5th grade, but 4th grade was understaffed and didn't have an assistant teacher for the second half of the day which happened to be when I was at school, so I agreed to help the 4th grade instead.


I learned a lot about the kind of teacher I want to be, I will carry the memories of my time volunteering in a classroom with me through college and use them to inform my own career as a teacher.