Capstone:Why Racial Atrocities Are Possible

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This project is a brief history on the subject of intolerance and racism. Many racial crimes and histories have been buried and replaced with perfect stories that idealize white men. In this project I expose the buried truths that have been ignored for centuries, so people can understand the origin of racism and how best to combat bigotry.

Kate Stevens 2020
House Liberal Arts
Advisor Jeffery Donaldson
Plans Hendrix College, Law, Journalism
Advice Find something you care about and see where it takes you.
Type Presentation
Subject Race, History
Discipline History and Social Studies

How It Began

A collection of short stories coupled with paintings.

How It Changed

I live very close to Greenwood and my teacher pointed out how vastly important the anniversary was. I felt a responsibility to honor the deaths and educate others on how to prevent these tragedies in the future.


I have learned that changing your mind is okay and that once I find something I am very passionate about, it is easy to follow through.