DIY T-shirts

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The library offers two tools to help you make a t-shirt: the vinyl cutter and the heat press. Single-color designs are easiest to make, though in theory it is possible to create logos with multiple colors.

How to create your t-shirt

  1. Follow the instructions on the vinyl cutter page to cut out your mirrored image from heat-press vinyl. The shiny side goes against the carrier mat—you'll cut the non-glossy side with the cutter
  2. Carefully remove extra vinyl from around your design
  3. If needed, use the boards under the press to straighten your shirt/cloth and place your design onto the t-shirt/cloth with the clear plastic facing up
  4. Test the press's pressure while cold:
    1. Put your shirt and design (and board) into the press
    2. Pull the handle down until it locks, then use the upper and lower handles to open it
    3. It should take effort to open. If it doesn't, twist the knob on top and press again until you almost can't release the press
  5. Open the press and heat to 285-300 degrees (check vinyl package for correct temperature)
  6. Place the gold teflon sheet on top of your design
  7. Press and wait 15 seconds
  8. Release the press, remove the teflon sheet, and slowly peel away the clear plastic
    1. If your design hasn't fully stuck, press it again for 10-15 seconds
    2. If your design is fully stuck, congrats!
  9. Unplug the machine and return all tools to their proper location