Deconstructed Pumpkin Pie

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Copy Template

Because we are using the Pumpkin Pie recipe as a template, the simplest way to get started is to open that recipe and press Edit Recipe in the top right. This opens the edit page for this recipe.


Copy the text (ctrl +c) from the main edit box.

Paste this text into the main box on your own page.

Edit Content

Since you are not creating this pumpkin pie recipe, you'll need to change the format. There is a Help tab at the top of all edit boxes on this website. This covers how to format your headings, how to make text bold, etc.


Add a Picture

Press the picture button on the top of the edit box ImageIcon.png, then Upload to add your image to the server.

Choose your image settings, write a description, then press insert.

Copyright is especially important when publishing to the web—either use your own images, or those that are under a Creative Commons license.