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Department English Language and Literature
House Career & College
Contact dhawkins@tsas.org
Joined 2023/05/31
Education Ph.D. in English (ABD), Oklahoma State University (pending); M.A. in English, Oklahoma State University May 2014; B.S. in Mass Communication, Shepherd University

AP English Literature and Composition

This is a college-level literature course which explores a variety of the world’s great literature. It prepares students to take the AP Literature exam which, if passed, counts for college credit. The course involves intensive reading, writing, and discussion.

Liberal Arts

Critical Communication

As the culmination of their language studies, students read challenging and diverse material and are also given freedom to choose their own topics of inquiry. Students will write essays and other short works, both fiction and non-fiction, for each section with the goal of creating arguments that synthesize their readings, discussions, and research and clarify their individual ideas about each theme/topic.

Experimental Literature and Writing

This class asks students to reflect upon reading and writing practices that are “experimental” or “non-traditional.” Topics discussed will include writing under strict rules to explore creativity and critical thinking and choose-your-own adventures and blackout poetry. In addition to reading select works of experimental writing, students will have opportunities to create their own experimental writing and develop a zine of original experimental writing.

Prerequisite: This is an advanced English class reserved for 11th and 12th grade students, but 9th and 10th grade students can petition for admission.

Film & Media Studies

This class asks students to watch and study film. Student attention will fall on film narratives, camera work, set and sound design, costumes and make-up, and editing, among others. In addition to watching and studying film, students will have opportunities to develop and practice film-making through weekly labs and a final project.

Introduction to Film and Media Studies

This course explores the look, technologies, and social impact of moving images—film, television, and other new media, like video games and TikTok. Topics will include set design, cinematography, editing, sound, genre, and remix culture, among others. Students will also work in groups to direct short scenes illustrating learned concepts.

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