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Department English Language and Literature
House Liberal Arts
Contact eroiger@tsas.org
Joined 2023/08/01
Education Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Missouri

Composition 9

In this course, we will spend time reading about and discussing various themes and essential questions that relate to us as individuals. This class will help you sharpen your reading and writing skills as we dive in and examine literary works and texts. While studying long and short works of fiction and nonfiction, poetry, and drama, students will think and discuss critically while becoming familiar with literary elements and techniques. As a composition course, much of what we discuss and analyze will also lead to putting those thoughts and ideas on paper. Students will write creative pieces of fiction and poetry in addition to expository and argumentative papers using the writing process. These writings will show knowledge of standard grammar and usage as well as a sense of audience. Lastly, listening and speaking skills will also be developed throughout the course.

Freshman Seminar

Transitioning to high school can be a pretty exciting time! Yet, with newfound freedom, an increased workload, and greater responsibility, one can feel a bit overwhelmed trying to balance all of the changes. In this class, we will discuss and explore strategies that will set you up for a smooth transition into high school. Some topics covered will include time-management skills, study habits, college/career exploration, and emotional well-being, with a strong emphasis on relationship building. We will engage in FUN hands-on activities, class discussions, and group projects to help ensure social and academic success for the next 4 years and beyond.

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Fine Arts
Liberal Arts

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