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Eric Miller
Department Science
House Career & College
Joined 2021-1-1
Education Bachelor of Science in Computer Animation from Full Sail University
Why I teach Teaching is absolutely one of, if not, the most soul-filling things a person can do. Passing knowledge to others is essential to the human experience and it is an honorable privilege to have the opportunity to do so at such a wonderful place as TSAS.
About me Artist, gamer, technology buff, lover of animation, fantasy & science fiction, and all things heavy metal! With these powers combined, I am a huge nerd!
Animation is art in motion. It is a visual medium of endless possibility that the human imagination can conceive. If you can dream it, you can animate it. Animation is an illusion of movement; it truly is magic. As my friend often says, “magic is real!’, and it exists here at TSAS. That magic is inspiring the students to learn, create and achieve their goals! It’s really all about them, they are the future.

Animation Foundations

This computer elective course is an introduction to the fundamental principles and techniques of animation in a digital format. Students will explore the history of animation & its impact on modern media, digital animation methods and styles, gaining a strong foundation in animation, theory and practice, and finishing the trimester with a final animation project.

Prerequisites include completion of Art Foundations and basic computer skills combined with an interest in art and storytelling.

Graphic Design

This computer elective course exposes students to a structured progression from basic to advanced techniques in both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, (possibly InDesign as well). Projects will include a range of graphic design applications, varying from print, web and digital formats. Each week would build upon the previous, culminating in a final project and possible portfolio presentation at the end.

Prerequisites include completion of Art Foundations and basic computer skills.

Intro to Digital Literacy

Do you like solving problems?

Do you find yourself excited by new technology coming out?

Do you just like learning new things?

This class is for you!!

We will explore the impact of technological advances and how they affect our lives.

We will explore how we can use the tech in our lives in better ways.

We will also explore a little coding, just to see what makes machines “think.”

Career & College House
Fine Arts
Liberal Arts

Introduction to Computer Science

Do you like computers and want to learn more about them?

Have you ever wondered how to program your own interactive stories, animations, or games?

Have you ever wondered how to build a website?

This class is for you! We will:

  • Learn computer science through games and websites.
  • Program interactive stories, animations, and games.
  • Build your own webpage.

Career & College House
Fine Arts
Liberal Arts

Courses offered previously

Computer Programming

Do you have patience with computers?

Do you want to learn one of the most important future skills?

Have you ever wondered what is going on behind the scenes in your computer?

This class is for you! We will:

  • Learn basic drawing skills with python turtle.
  • Program our computers to make something we want.
  • Program beautiful graphics and games!

Mobile Application Development

Do you ever wonder what it takes to make an app?

Have you ever thought that you had a cool idea for an app?

This class is for you!

We will be learning Swift which is the language all Apple apps are written in.

You will work on an app from beginning to end and potentially even put it on the app store when class is over


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