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John Turner
Department Social Sciences and History
House Fine Arts
Joined 2019
Education Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Tulsa; Certificate in Classical Studies from the University of Tulsa
Why I teach I am an educator because I myself have a passion for learning. Everyday in the classroom my students provide me with a different perspective on any given topic. I believe that knowledge grants power and if I can give that to my students I have done my job; not only as a teacher but as a fellow human. Fortuna Eruditis Favet!
About me I am an avid movie watcher, book reader, and dog lover. I have a Corgi named Molly, who I love very much. I also enjoy traveling and experiencing new places.

Native American History

This elective course provides a general introductory overview of Native Americans within the fields of history, anthropology, literature, and political science. This course introduces students to the diverse perspectives concerning Native Americans and promotes a multi-disciplinary approach to understanding indigenous rights, culture, and histories.

Revealing Lies in History

This elective course explores the relationship between the creation of personal and collective memory and the production of history. The seminar will examine the tensions between memory and history, using some of the most acclaimed recent history books. Students will think critically about memoirs and autobiographies, oral histories and personal reminiscences, festivities and holidays of commemoration, historical memory in popular culture, and family lore and stories. What receives the privilege of being remembered and what gets deliberately forgotten constitutes the essence of what we know as history.

World History

The purpose of this course is to give the student a better understanding of the complex global community that we live and participate in on a daily basis. Throughout this two trimester course, students will be looking at many aspects of our global community as they relate to political, economic, historical, geographical, religious, and cultural themes as they relate to global studies.

Career & College House
Fine Arts
Liberal Arts

World War I

Focusing on the Great War students will spend the trimester exploring the perspectives of World War I. Ranging from soldiers' stories from the trenches to an understanding of the social upheaval caused by the conflict, students will gain valuable skills of research, writing, and critical thought. Some other topics included are the Russian Revolution, Tulsa Race Massacre, Right to Vote for Women, Child Labor Laws, and Segregation in Schools.

Courses offered previously

WWII & the Holocaust

This course examines the origins of World War II, the nature of warfare in the 20th century, the consequences on the global community, and along with the social and political circumstances that gave rise to the war. The study of the Holocaust and other genocides will allow the student to recognize the patterns of dehumanization and understand how it reinforces hate and violence towards targeted groups. Students will also examine what happens when individuals and governments fail to take a stand against human injustice.



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