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Mina Danes
Department Mathematics
House STEM
Contact mdanes@tsas.org
Joined 2022/01/01
Education Petroleum Geoscience Engineering B.S.E – The University of Tulsa Petroleum Engineering M.E. – The University of Tulsa
Why I teach I teach because education and access to knowledge is freeing so should be as accessible as possible. And to show how math isn’t scary and describes all of existence.
About me Hiya! My full name is Mina Flores Daneshvar and I’m originally from Southern California (San Bernardino/Redlands). I moved to Tulsa to attend the University of Tulsa to study petroleum engineering and fell in love with the city so much I haven’t wanted to leave! But I’ll always root for my LA teams above all else. My cat Jian (Gigi) is the fuzziest little floof who loves cuddles, especially when I’m in the middle of playing video games. I’m a big ol’ nerd who loves to learn as much as I can about anything I can.

Algebra II

Algebra II students are ready to learn: quadratic functions and applications; polynomial functions and applications; exponential and logarithmic functions and applications, rational and radical functions; probability, data analysis and statistics; and sequence and series.

Career & College House
Fine Arts
Liberal Arts

Intro to Engineering

An overview introduction to the world and application of various engineering fields. This course will cover the various disciplines of engineering and what the degree and industry applications are of those disciplines. Additionally, practical skills every engineer should know such as unit conversion and problem solving will be covered. Students who are interested in pursuing degrees/careers in the varying fields of engineering are encouraged to take this course.

  • Senior course — juniors only with teacher permission

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