Senior College Pacing Calendar

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Welcome to your senior year! Things move much faster than you (and we) would expect, but if you keep pace with this list, everything will go smoothly.


Look over the Junior College Pacing Calendar if you haven't already. Things you want to come with are:

  • A list of universities you might be interested in (this can be very long, but shouldn't be shorter than 3)
  • A list of scholarships to apply for


  • Keep your grades up!
  • Continue planning your Capstone project
  • Add the calendar to your phone to keep up with due dates
  • Meet with Stallings to plan out the year
  • Review the application requirements of all universities on your list, begin any required essays, and add deadlines to your calendar
  • Sign up for October ACT by September. Send your scores to any college to which you may apply
  • If any universities on your list use the Common App (locally, OU and TU do), create an account by October 1
  • Apply for an FSA ID


  • Ask teachers for letters of recommendation early—these can take some time
  • Begin your FAFSA soon after October 1st, finish before November 🠘this is vital
  • Set up interviews with prospective colleges, and email your admissions counselor for each. They will be your guide for that particular school through this process, so get to know them early!
  • Apply for scholarships
  • Keep an eye out for early application deadlines—these are usually in November, so get them in early


  • Bring in your FAFSA SAR to discuss with Stallings
  • Narrow your college list based on financial aid and goal changes
  • Complete your application to the universities on your narrowed list [1]
  • By May 1st notify all colleges to which you applied of your decision, and email Stallings with your final decision
  • Keep applying for scholarships


  • Notify Stallings of your application progress
  • Take the ACT again if you'd like


  • The final deadline for most applications is in February, so send any remaining applications now

March, April

  • Discuss acceptance letters and financial aid packages with Stallings


  • Make your final college decision
  • Set up housing arrangements with your chosen college


  • Email Stallings to have your final senior transcript sent to your chosen college
  • Attend summer orientation at your new college!
  1. ↑ You'll need a transcript sent to each university. Email Stallings to have them sent to directly to the school