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This wiki was established in 2016 to allow members of the TSAS community—students, teachers, staff, even parents—to contribute to a corpus of knowledge relevant to our school in particular. Before contributing, keep one thing in mind:

This site is editable by all. This means that all members of our community are free to make meaningful changes and contributions to a document that will guide those who come after. All who contribute are helping to shape their readers' understanding—a powerful position.

  • This also means that editing and contributing is a responsibility to those who might learn from you. Your contributions should be meaningful and accurate. If they aren't, they are likely to be removed by others guided by a stronger sense of duty, because this site is editable by all.
  • This also means that you have an opportunity to create new understanding of our culture. Pages dedicated to your club or pictures of your friends acting strange are equally welcome.
  • Lastly, this also means that your contributions might be altered by another. A wiki is not a platform for your voice but a resource created by many. Be respectful when you edit, and understanding when you are edited. Each page has a Discussion tab for talk about the subject under debate.