Tortillas for dessert

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tortillas for dessert?

by Alana De Leon

April 18, 2019

   As much as this is a dessert to me it may not be to the next person, tortillas are something I love so much, and its known within my family. My grandmother (Momo as we call her within the family) always makes them for me when she visits or we visit her. For the longest time my grandma lived with my family at my house. Some mornings I remember waking up and going into her room (which is now my room) and she would be sitting on the freshly made bed facing the tv in front of her watching “The Price Is Right” or other mornings I would wake up to the smell of her making breakfast down stairs, the smell of freshly made tortillas along with potatoes and eggs. 
 The tortillas made by my grandmother are made like no other in my opinion. Due to me being raised on freshly made tortillas i hate fake ones. I hate them so much that i can tell when i’m about to eat a fake one. I can smell the plastic on it and the ugly way it smells when cooked. Due to this i dislike almost every Mexican restaurant that doesn't use real homemade flour tortilla. Sounds funny? I would agree with you. But Momos are just way better so i rather put something good in my stomach then actually trash
    My Momo showed me that this simple piece of bread can be made into anything. In the past there was this one time she and other family members had come around Thanksgiving- so she had made tortillas for breakfast (but made extra for me to have) and i put marshmallows on it and heated it up in the microwave and it was one of the best things my 13 year old self had ever came up with. I made a joke about it calling it the Mexican version of s'mores. other times when i came home from school she made me a turkey sandwich replacing the bread with a tortilla. Or the many times she made herself a snack by putting peanut butter and jelly on it. or if any of those sound weird to you it can also be used for your normal taco. 
  Perhaps I've just gone on about tortillas more than I need to but at the end of it i can't stress how much i love them made from my grandmother, it reminds me all the times she would be cooking them and i would keep asking her if they were done yet. And the day i was finally old enough for her to teach me how to make them. The summer days of her taking care of me and my brother. The tortillas are very comforting to me and reminds me of my loving and caring grandmother that always made the best out of anything she could. 

how to make tortillas

servings size; 20 (or a little over) | time to cook; 30+ minutes


  • half of a small bag of tortilla flour mix
  • water


put half of bag of flour mix in a mixing bowl. then get warm water ( not to hot or not to cold, if to hot or to cold it can ruin the mix and make the tortillas come out hard) after mixing water and flour with hands let the dough sit for 5 minutes after that start making the dough into little balls to be more ready for the next step. the next step will will involve you rolling out the dough into a medium size circle (the tortillas will shrink a little while cooking) then use a stove top grill (flat) to cook the tortillas. then after you do that they should be done!