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Wes Hill
Department Social Sciences and History
House Career & College
Contact whill@tsas.org
Joined 2019-01-01
Education Bachelor of Science in Government from Oral Roberts University; Master of Arts in Education from Oral Roberts University
Why I teach I teach because I want the world to be a better for everyone and while our society loves to teach people what to think, it rarely teaches them how to think. At TSAS we are passionate about releasing thoughtful humans, into the world, capable of critical thinking and thus able to create a world that is a better place for all people.
About me I am from OKC and love the Thunder and watching NBA games. My wife Lindsay and I enjoy drinking coffee at home and the local shops in town, as well as, working on our fixer upper.

Election Studies

Election Studies is a one-trimester deep dive into the 2024 General Election. Our conversations will center largely on the presidential election but also national congressional elections. Together we will follow speeches, debates and note-worthy news that leads up to election day on November 5th. Whether you are a politics enthusiast or beginner, if you have an interest in learning more about the 2024 elections, their significance and their public policy implications, this course is designed for you.

Prerequisite: Open to Grades 10-12. Students must have completed Government before taking this course.

Genocide Studies

Genocide is defined as the deliberate killing of a large number of people from a particular nation or ethnic group with the aim of destroying that nation or group. When genocide has occurred outsiders have often proclaimed, “never again!” - In this one trimester elective, we will seek to understand the cause and effect of the world’s deadliest genocides and ask ourselves “Is never again truly possible? And if so, what is our part in making never again a reality?”


Government is a one trimester thought-provoking exploration of United States Government and Politics. We will cover such topics as the Constitution, Bill of Rights, interest groups, politics, voting, branches of government, laws, public policies and current events.

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Liberal Arts

Oklahoma History

Oklahoma History is a one trimester survey of significant events, time periods and individuals that have formed and continue to transform our state. Students will demonstrate an understanding of relevant political and ideological movements, as well as economic, cultural, and social accomplishments of individuals and groups making a lasting impact not merely on this state, but on the progress of the nation. Oklahoma History is a core class and required for graduation.

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Liberal Arts

Courses offered previously

Democracy in Action

Democracy in Action is a one trimester elective that examines current and relevant political issues, with a focus on students finding and lending their voice to contribute to our nation’s democracy. While content is highly guided by student interests, issues might include healthcare, education, equality, military action, national debt, civil rights and more...



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Urban darkroom photography shot around Downtown Tulsa.


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Malik Harris '20

Presentation on TulsaTech's automotive program


Sheryl Hunt - Artwork
Sheryl Hunt '20

Drawings of animals


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Jailyn Perrier '20

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