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Jennifer Lamkin
Department History
House Liberal Arts
Joined 2021
Education Masters in Curriculum and Leadership, Oklahoma State University; Doctorate in Law, Indiana University School of Law; Bachelor of Science in Education, Indiana University
Why I teach I discovered early on that I would teach as play. My siblings and I played school regularly, nurturing a love of learning. I would like to inspire my students to develop a love of learning and to grow into knowledgeable, civic-minded, justice-oriented, members of their society. Just as an artist is compelled to create art, I am drawn to teach. I teach to engage with knowledge and people. I teach to offer a service to my community, and I teach in order to remain a student for life.
About me After spending two years reading, thinking, and growing in OSU’s Curriculum and Leadership Master’s program, I am eager to return to the classroom doing what I love. In my free time, I love to travel to new states and countries, dragging my husband and two teen daughters to museums and historical sites, rain or shine. While home, I continue to learn more and more about Tulsa, having lived here for seven years now. I hope to draw upon this rich history and our amazing community in order to help my students feel more connected to themselves and their place in this world.

Food & Culture

What can studying food and dining practices tell us about a culture? What are the traditions surrounding food around the world? This class will look at the intersection of food and culture and even try some various cuisines along the way. We will also turn to our own community to see what food options our diverse immigrant community has brought to Tulsa.

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