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Vectors are machine-readable images used in pen plotting, laser cutting, CNC routing, and other machine-driven machines. Not sure what a vector is? See Vector or Raster? for more info.

Desktop Programs

  • Inkscape is my personal favorite: free, easy to use (once you get the hang of vector creation) with built-in bitmap-to-vector conversion
  • Adobe Illustrator is the industry standard, but expensive. You have access as a student—see the photo teacher for details
  • FlatFab allows you to create 3D images that can be cut on a laser

Web Programs

  • Start with Cuttle! We pay for a pro account, so use your TSAS email to log in. It is made for laser/vinyl cutters specifically, but is a solid tool for creating any vectors online
  • is a simple tool for vector creation, with the option for tracing
  • SketchUp is a 3d modeling tool, but can be used for vector creation
  • SnazzyMaps allows you to create a laser cut or engraved maps simply

Web Art Generators

These are great for the drawing machines or laser, but will take some post-processing (possibly in Inkscape) for use in the vinyl cutter

Image Sources

  • has a staggering array of clean vectors to download
  • Google search for
    filetype:svg + your query
    should yield good results, just make sure they're free to use!

Box/3D Generators

Vector Artists/Inspiration

Generators That Require Coding

See also