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Directions for 9-12 Online Course Registration

  1. Current freshmen only: choose your House at this form if you haven't already.
  2. Go to the grade book and log in with your email address
  3. Choose Academics ➔ Course Registration at the top
  4. Choose "Click here" at the bottom
  5. Required courses for your House and year will be at the top. You will be automatically enrolled in these. If you have taken one of them previously, you will not be re-enrolled in it. Check out the graduation requirements for each House at the links below:
  6. Choose any World Language, English, or Fine Arts class options, if available.
  7. Make your elective choices, and number them by priority. If you are unsure about a class, or want to know more, check the elective slideshow below, and find descriptions for all of our courses in the Course Catalog.
  8. Save your work!!
  9. 2022 Seniors should also fill out this form indicating their plans for Senior Capstone next year

If you have questions about courses and graduation requirements, complete this form.

If you are having technical difficulties (password, website access), email Jesse Stallings

Middle School Course Registration

Middle school students (6-8) will choose electives the first week of the new school year—there is no need to register for classes at this time.

The course registration process only indicates a student's preference for a particular course, and does not automatically enroll them. Our counselors will be working behind the scenes to ensure that all students are
  1. on track to graduate according to their house requirements and
  2. planning a well-balanced schedule for the coming school year.