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Kelly Foshee
Department Visual Arts
House Fine Arts
Joined 2006
Education Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Tulsa, 1998; Certificate in Museum Studies from University of Tulsa, 2000; Master of Fine Arts from the University of Tulsa, 2002; Certificate in Italian Language Studies from Tulsa Community College, 2002
About me I’m a lifelong Tulsan and proud alum of Booker T. Washington HS who’s taught art and art history at TSAS since 2006. Before then, I worked at the Philbrook Museum of Art in the education and curatorial departments, and taught in multiple other local arts organizations as well. I speak 4 languages and was part of the inaugural Spanish Immersion class that began the dual language programs in Tulsa in 1981. I firmly and wholeheartedly believe that public education is the most important investment we can make in our kids and I hope to use my public education foundations to give back to my community, because they invested in me. I’m married and have an 8 year old son who is my favorite person and a 17 lb cat who sleeps on me. My favorite thing to do is reading, more reading, buying books and talking about books, but also all pop culture and history. I unabashedly love good animated shows with excellent storytelling.
Why teach? I teach because I like kids—they all have an amazing energy and perspective on the world that is invaluable and constantly reminds me that we need to keep a little piece of that alive in ourselves as adults. I teach because I want students to be able to work with their hands in a way that doesn't involve a keyboard or phone. I do it because art is an ancient and timeless subject, yet is also one of the most accessible languages that connects us universally. I teach because I want my students to have practical real-world skills, like creative problem-solving and perseverance. But I also teach art because I firmly believe that students need to exercise all parts of their brain in order to grow into fully actualized adults. Through art, a student can discover something about themselves or the world that changes them forever, and for the better, and it's my privilege to be there when it happens. It’s just an added bonus that we get to make messes and that's awesome.

3D Art

  • The only class all year dedicated to nothing but 3D Art! Do you like to build/make stuff? This class is for you.

Fine Arts

Art History

This class is an introduction to the history of art for those who might be interested in the subject and those who may have no interest whatsoever. Regardless, what you will learn from this class is the ability to look at art and understand it within its historical and social context, and construct informed critiques with your new understanding. What does this mean? It means that you will learn to look at the how and why of art, whether you love it or hate it, and then be able to say exactly what you love or hate about it—and know what you’re talking about.

Career & College
Fine Arts
Liberal Arts

Painting II

This class will build upon the topics covered in Painting I, and will include more basic and advanced painting techniques and projects. Acrylics will primarily be used along with further exploration of mixed media methods.

Fine Arts
Liberal Arts

Printmaking I

This class will be an introduction to the art of printmaking, which is the oldest form of graphic design. As well as basic printmaking techniques, students will learn collographs (collage texture prints), relief prints (linoleum and rubber carvings) and other methods. Correct use of specialized printing equipment, tools, and supplies will also be taught.

Fine Arts
Liberal Arts

Printmaking II

This class will be a continuation of the techniques learned in Printmaking I, and will further your skills in the art of printmaking. Students will learn how to create drypoint intaglios on plastic, reduction relief prints (linoleum), and silkscreen, with the possibility of other advanced methods such as monotypes (painting on Plexiglass), and oil-based ink printing.

Fine Arts
Liberal Arts



My Art
Jaclyn Bell '21

Drawings of Lanscapes and Scenery


Zacharie's Art and Photography Process
Zacharie Cole '21

Compilation of Art


The Process of a Print
Quinn Del Rio '20

The process of carving and printing


The Art of Street Art
Cesar R Garcia '20

Street art demonstration


The Art of Learning
Parker Grubb '20

Learning various new artistic skills


Crafting a Blade
Summer Hofmann '21

Crafting a Blade


Robi Pineda's Portfolio
Robi Pineda '21

Multimedia Portfolio

FeatureMakaylaSanchez (2).png

Filling a Sketchbook
Makayla Sanchez '21

Sketchbook Art