Post-apocalyptic Lit

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Department English Language and Literature
Teacher Stephen Rustin
Sessions 1
GR Code EL
Offered Currently
Open to Juniors

This course will focus on themes common to the genre, reflect on how people (real and fictional) respond to crises, and investigate how these stories can uniquely critique the present. We will read and analyze novels, short stories, and other forms of post-apocalyptic media. Students will practice writing their own stories in this genre and will demonstrate their learning through other projects.

In Post-Apocalyptic Literature, students will read and engage with The Road by Cormac McCarthy. They will also independently read, summarize, and present on another post-apocalyptic text, and they will write their own post-apocalyptic short stories. Students will be able to explain to others the contexts, settings, and dystopian themes of the post-apocalyptic genre by the end of the course.