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TSAS currently has three 3D printers: an Ender 3 Pro, an Elegoo Saturn and a Prusa i3 clone, the Anet A8. Technical information on our Ender 3 and Elegoo Saturn is coming soon, and info on the Anet A8 is here. We started printing with a PrintrBot Play, since retired.

Want Something Printed?

  1. Find some 3D Model Sources, or make one. Note that a print cannot take longer than a school day—this means you probably cannot print a mask or large statue.
  2. Email it to Stallings
  3. Objects created by another artist not used for class cost $1.00 per print if printed on the Ender or Anet, $2.00 per print if printed on the Saturn
  4. There is no charge to print original objects (those created by you) or those used for a class
  5. Be sure to share your designs and creations in the Gallery!

Printing Rules

  • You may not print objects subject to trademark or copyright law
  • No weapons, including blades or firearms (including non-working replicas) may be printed
  • No object that would violate the student code of conduct may be printed

How to Build a Model and 3D Print in 4 Steps

  1. Head to SketchUp on a Chromebook or SketchUp on the Desktop
  2. Build the 3D Printing Badge
  3. Slice the badge
  4. Print it!

External Links

Other Tools

If you use these, tell us! We are always looking for better workflows.