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Kate Hughes
Department Fine Arts
House Liberal Arts
Contact khughes@tsas.org
Joined 2016
Education Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from Oklahoma City University; Bachelor of Arts in Music from Oklahoma City University
Why I teach I teach to empower young people, and thereby affect change in the world.
About me I have taught at children’s theatres and schools in three different countries. I am married and I have one dog named Daisy. I love singing, reading, gardening, napping, tinkering with language, and cooking. Speech and debate is the only sport I care about! 😉

Theatre Tech

Students will learn how to do backstage, technical theatre work; students will also learn about theatrical design, focusing on set pieces, costumes, props, lighting, and sound design. This course has some written work, but is mostly hands-on; the class will be working to help produce plays at both the middle and high school level. Evening attendance to do backstage work at plays will be required at least once per trimester.

Courses offered previously


Choir is a class designed to teach students the art of vocal performance. Students will be trained in methods of healthy vocal production, ensemble-building, choral blend, sight-singing, and more. All are welcome - no previous experience is necessary!

Fine Arts



An Arabesque in C Sharp Minor
Daniel Duron '20

Original piano performance


How to Change the World for the Better
Jaqueline Gonzalez '20

How to help the earth


An Exploration Into the Importance of Voice
Sophie O'Reilly '20

Liberation through voice

Feature2SamRamirez (2).png

Volunteering at Zarrow Elementary School
Sam Ramirez '21

Assistant Teacher at Zarrow Elementary


Queen of Dryads
Harper Ann Will '21

Ballet Experience